Free yourself from the needle: Biotech for diabetes

Even though the world is plagued with emerging diseases, there are a number of illnesses that have been known for quite a while, and yet, their contribution to the death toll is higher than their peers. The field of medicine is still struggling to provide a cure to these. One such disease is diabetes.

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Neuroscience: The key to understanding mental health

It is mental health awareness month. And understanding mental health is now more important than ever before. Growing geriatric cases was a trend of the past. Mental health disorders have been affecting a broader spectrum of the population.

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A medical microbiologist’s perspective on the current-day proteomics

Microorganisms, the tiny living creatures, that dwell in every niche, occupying an area greater than us behemoths, are highly valuable. An appreciable proportion of our body weight results from our direct association with them. Their mere presence is capable of preventing a number of diseases and an alteration in their proportions may cause an illness.

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Cardiology welcomes technology open-heartedly

Indeed. Cardiac surgeries are now more successful than ever. Cardiovascular morbidities in the young age are seeing a decline and for those living with disorders of the heart, life expectancy is now better.

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Technological Adaptation of Nanomedicine – JSB Conference

Human beings have always evolved beyond possession. Adaptations are part of evolution. But interventions crave paths for additive contrivances.

Medicine world has been subjected to a lot of variations recently.
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Does chemical engineering affect the materialization on a global scale?

In recent times there has been a lot of speculation about several branches of technology. Studying them at a wider view helps recount things that the particular branch explains.

Chemical Engineering and Technology deals with a similar trend. It posses technical advancements for development of various chemical processes as well as the methods for converting raw materials into usable valued forms, chemically. Subsequently, it is progressed by students for the production of chemical and such relatable by-products.

What is it!

Branches of Chemical Engineering and Technology is varied as the overall study involves a large subgroup. Biotechnology, processing of mineral, induction of Pharma along with chemically enhanced substances all fall under the field. Additionally, petroleum refining plant is a major subdivision that offers a constant Job settlement for Chemical engineers all around the globe. Petroleum refining plants engulf majority of workers who relate to chemical engineering and technology.

The main base of the field involves the creation of plans for certain pilot entrepreneurs dealing with chemical factories. Moreover, the new plant designs and specifications require a constant check up as they account for most biologically induced hazards. Therefore, chemical engineers act as consulting employee while overall funding is mostly achieved by government. Often these processes are also limited which greatly dictates and questions about the plant’s process mechanism and choice of equipment and materials

Influencing Chemical Plants

The construction of the base of plants is coordinated by chemical engineers, which largely depends on the investment. Additionally, the process also helps in distinguishing renewable materials and the chemical thermodynamics which greatly varies with the raw materials which are used by the company.

Unit operations constitute an important process in the establishment of the plant. Crystallization, filtration, evaporation and so on are major processes involved in here. The Control of energy transfer along with recycling of reactants is even covered which the chemical engineer predominantly acts upon. Various chains involving unit processes like nitration and oxidation usually follows the transformation of substance by means of biochemical, thermochemical and so on.

A separate category of process design is also manifested in the plants which have the blueprint of all equipment being used along with the sizes. Accordingly, their connectivity and durability are also recorded. A detailed sketch is printed in the Process Flow Diagram which decides the control of the overall capacity and strength of the chemical plant.

Additional fields…

Chemical Nanotechnology, Polymer, and Chemical Thermodynamics are additional fields where Chemical engineering meets. Ordinarily, waste management is an important process as the by-products of large industries pose a fatal threat to the atmosphere. Hence, that even has a key role in Chemical Engineering.

3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering & Technology 2023

The Upcoming Chemical Engineering Conference in Dubai exhibits tremendous perspicacity into Chemical Engineering and Technology. Particularly backed by notable speakers and researchers around the globe, it demonstrates the increasing diversity of the field. The conference in Dubai aims at contributing paths which would be crucial to improving subsistence of quality of human beings.

A worldwide aspect of “Emerging Infectious Disease”.

Discoveries in infectious diseases have made the world a “not so safe” place to live. Consequently, China accounts for merely one-third of it. It occupies half of the world’s total swine population, most consisting the African Swine flu. A conference on the Emerging Infectious Diseases 2023, held in Alabama, USA supports facts surrounding the prevention and outbreaks of several infectious diseases.

African Swine Flu, Origin and Characteristics.

The virus of African Swine flu is pretty much difficult to destroy. Described by scientists as one of the deadliest, didn’t turn to China in a single night.

Nevertheless, the USA, being one of the largest producers of Pork meat, didn’t quite deliver the disease to China. Conversely, Russia is the reason for the swine flu outbreak in China.

As said by a UN agency, the virus Outbreak in China is quite similar to parts of Russia, Estonia, and Georgia.

With capabilities to tolerate heat and cold, African Swine flu can accommodate at the inside of meat for weeks. Containing the pigs and quarantine procedures are helpful in preventing the disease from getting viral.

Currently, Vietnam is taking steps to contain the disease from further being spread in East Asia. Europe and Rome have similarly taken steps to contain and quarantine 135,000 pigs. The United States hasn’t been affected yet, with the disease being confined to pigs only.

The Infectious Outbreaks

Notwithstanding to African Swine Flu alone, Ebola and HIV/AIDS have been classified as “emerging infectious disease” in the past. The current trend is being centered at Africa alone (that’s where it gets the name). It exists with the bush pigs, warthogs and wild pigs in the forest, which in turn is associated with an African Diet.

The idea behind outbreaks.

The destruction of natural resources in Africa has further aggravated several other unknown diseases in the Globe. Additionally, Africa’s population is also on a rising spree, which due to climate change is susceptible to these diseases.

When they migrate, in the search of work or shifting process, the diseases spread on a wide scale. As such the American cooperation has been coordinating with the African ministry of health and African Non-Governmental organization to contain such threats.

Techniques and Methods to use.

The current techniques associated with the above trends of Viral infectivity is slow, difficult to measure, intensive and proves a hindrance in the development process of advanced medications.

Henceforth, responding the calls and threats such as Ebola, Influenza, Swine Flu, and Zika Virus is tiresome and consumes a lot of time.

The existing procedures for the quantification of these diseases are relying solely on fluorescent antibodies. As such the new viruses are likely to evolve as the tests require many months to a year, for being developed into full-fledged vaccines.

The African Swine flu till yet has no vaccines. Luma Cyte’s Label-free radiance instrument has been proposed to be a significantly improved solution for the growing outbreaks. This particular thing is further being studied by researchers around the globe.

What is LumaCyte?

Ordinarily, LumaCyte‘s Radiance is a cell analyzer, with automated, high content force, size and deformability features of capturing images of single cells. It works by measuring the intrinsic biochemical and physical properties of cell, changes which are undergone due to repeated viral infections. It is often sensitive to several agents that interfere to cellular structures and change biochemical compositions.

Accordingly, high-quality measurements of viral infectivity can be made easily within a fraction of time and labor which will act as an endpoint dilution to the infection process.

Two Rays of Hopes for Seizures

Identifying the exact spot in the brain is the new development in the seizures research. This can be marked as a potential transformation in the world of epilepsy.

In regions where the income is low or middle, around 75% of people with epilepsy may not receive the treatment they need. While the disorder had become a common phenomenon, new research and development have brought two new ways to treat silent seizures in children.

The background:

In Dravet syndrome, epilepsy can start forming around the age of as early as 3 months. The infant encounters convulsive seizures wherein their arms and legs jerk repeatedly. The issue gets bigger as the infant become toddlers. However, a recent study draws these silent seizures in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome. The study further pinpoints the brain area that could be targeted to stop them.

They begin having another type of seizure which may not cause obvious convulsions but disturb responsiveness slightly making the child unconscious. This can occur more than 50 times every day. As the new research unveils new ways, the difficult challenge to detect and treat may soon end up the trouble.

That said, the research is still going on eliminating the non-convulsive seizures. As the case study taken place on mice has shown considerable transformations, it is projected to have almost a similar impact on the human Dravet Syndrome. If things fall into places, the discovery can astoundingly improve the quality of life in children who are the victim of epilepsy disorders.

This discovery encouraged two new strategies for the prevention of non-convulsive seizures simulating Dravet syndrome. There are Neurological journals being conducted for psychiatrists, scientists, brain surgeons from Europe, Dubai, Canada, US and many other parts of the world.

Getting down to the wire for the issue:

Researchers at the Epilepsy conference have already shown how neurons are highly responsible for the sending signals and eventually creating a complex network. This makes the basic and higher brain functions operational. When neurons light up, they transfer the instructed objectives for the receiving cell. This is further forwarded to the next cell to take action. Meanwhile, the inhibitory cells hinder the path of instructions, as a result, the instructions are not received at the other end. Since inhibitory cells work unduly weak, this results in excitement level getting raised at the same time.

Dating back to the previous studies in a few years ago, the research has begun emphasizing more on the cerebral cortex area of the brain, putting efforts to make it active. That being said, some of the studies are also focusing on cognition, sleep, consciousness, and attention.

If the non-convulsive seizures in children happen to get eliminated successfully, there can be better conditions which will help the victim not improve the quality of life but reach their full potential.

Among the Dravet Syndrome, more than 70% of patients have a genetic mutation which develops delays in maturing and seizures. This may seem a serious issue but it can brutally fatal, at times leading to sudden deaths. An upcoming conference addressing the issue will discuss epilepsy and will bring more light on its treatment research and much more.

The mouse model:

The conducted research showed that thalamus was the area where inhibitory cells were more active in the models of Dravet Syndrome. Research recorded brain waves detecting the abnormalities in brain activity in the mouse. It was observed that the non-convulsive seizures were more recurrent than convulsive seizures which equivalent to the ones in human patients. See how closely they matched we were encouraged that our work could translate to real people, so we went on to look for ways to stop the seizures.

Two Strategies to Reduce Seizures

When the victim experiences an absence seizure, the person appears to be absent-minded. You must have noticed how children going blank while you speak to them. This can be detrimental effects in daily life which are often misunderstood as the child not paying attention to what you are speaking.

In such cases, the person does not understand everything of what is being spoken but knows the gist of it. The instances may not be convulsive always. However, it is more difficult to treat non-convulsive seizures in patients compared to their other types.

Two ways to stop non-convulsive seizures in mice:

After manipulating the activities of particular neurons in the mouse, the neurons are controlled with laser light. brain using optogenetics, an approach that makes it possible to control the activity of neurons with laser light. They developed methods to detect seizures, and upon detection, quickly changed the activity of neurons in the thalamus to stop the seizures.

The new approach in the mouse case study allowed the researchers to pinpoint the specific cells. The research aimed at eradicating the non-convulsive seizures in Dravet Syndrome model. There was difficulty in defining

There already exists an FDA approved a drug which aims the brain activity to cause non-convulsive seizures. The only lacking part was that the drug was never used to treat epilepsy complications in children. Speaking of side effects, there was no side effect on the user post consumption of the FDA approved medication.

Since the medication has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, USA, it has become easier to bring it in the market as a solution for epilepsy solution.

Scaling Food metabolic, are they propitious?

A major challenge faced in the modern-day food industry is often the purpose of secondary metabolites. The process is largely varied with scientists of modern-day plant and food getting inadequate results from the interpretations. The most important step in the biological domain of metabolites is to mostly identify the compounds of interests.

It is extremely important to mostly get a complete list of compounds which is more characterized scientifically. While doing this a major time is saved with the replication process, which can be wasted if not attempted in the first go. Usually, while annotating compounds which are known, the process tends to happen.

A breakthrough Study!
In a recent study to observe and detect metabolite differences, various food plates had been prepared in getting ahead of choices. These choices were of large differences in the components of dietary foods. California based food plate is an efficient option to determine the macronutrient calculations.

Back in 2015, the company of Bruker Daltonics has been using complementary methods in aiming to accurately measure the food metabolites and natural products. They used mostly C-QTOF-MS/MS and GC-APCI-QTOF-MS/MS for the analysis in different food plates. This data evaluated was mostly used to identify and interpret the characteristics. Further, very small molecules contained in food samples can also be evaluated.

What did the study say!?
The study put forward the data using the LC-QTOF-MS/MS in ESI in positive ionization mode. These were further investigated and set ahead in the Metaboscape 2.0. This has been a software solution which is largely used in developing the identification of natural products.
The information is then used to make a characterized library, which is putting facilitation in de-replication for many known compounds.
The software has been known to further get ahead of difficulties in identifying the unknown components and at the same time helps in the assignment of target compounds. These are the crucial steps in the conversion of raw data of MS into further knowledge spree.

In this study, the data obtained through LC-QTOF-MS/MS in ESI positive ionization mode were re-investigated and presented in the MetaboScape 2.0 software solution, enabling the identification of natural products. Then, the information can be used to develop thoroughly characterized MS/MS libraries, facilitating a rapid de-replication for known compounds. The MetaboScape software has the ability to overcome difficulties in identifying unknowns and allows confident assignment of known target compounds, both of which are crucial steps in converting raw MS data into knowledge.

15th International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology.
The conference at Kyoto, Japan will focus on the investigation of new research innovation in Metabolomics. The recent advancements are discussed with the presence of scholars and researchers from around the globe. Various topics are discussed such Proteomics, Systems Biology, Genomics, Precision Medicine, Lipidomics, LC-MS and GC-MS Techniques, Bioinformatics, Plant Metabolomics, Clinical metabolomics, tumor and digestion system, computational science, metabolomics disorder, Nutritional Metabolomics, Therapeutic Metabolomics and so on.

Nanobiotechnology, on a curative convention!

Nanotechnology, on a curative convention!

Spinal cord injury has been a major disorder among all age groups. The world health organization puts forward data of around half a million people being affected with the injury in a span of 12 months. The reasons are varied with often road accidents and crashes is a major influencer.

The impact of Spinal Cord injury often manipulates with rates such as low school enrollments and participation in economic deals.

Nanotechnology for spinal cord injury offers a wide definition of scientific analysis on the treatment of adverse spinal cord injuries.

Nanobiotechnology, a complex term?

The term originates and functions as applications of small things, and the method is used to put them for the betterment in global scientific processes. Mostly abundant in the field of Biology, they are mostly referred to as Nanobiotechnological pieces of equipment.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of tiny things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.

The starting point!

The concept and idea behind this started with Physicist Richard Feynman who introduced the idea at a talk show meeting. The meet was held at the California Institute of Technology and made an impact of the process thereafter.

Further, he described the process being able to manipulate, and even take in control some of atoms and molecules. Moreover, the development went ahead and through proper scanning of microscopes, researchers were able to differentiate and modify individual atoms, and coined the term of nanotechnology.

Spinal Injuries and Nanobiotechnology

In the recent process of biological improvement, certain efforts are being made to induce the technology in reviving the organs as such. Heart, liver, kidneys and so on can be tackled along with complete surgery. These organs have regenerative tissues, which with the help of biological methods can progress much faster.

The process of ENVISION farther targets the paralyzed parts of the spinal cords. This can help on the rehabilitation of Parkinson and even Alzheimer’s, as per recent researches. With an introduction of the nanotechnology, specialists claim that adverse symptoms of neurological problems can be completely cured.

Current method standards are large in awakening the brain-machine interfaces. There are various cables which can link the brain activities of the patient to that of a computer. This can help in linking the patient and a computer, limiting many motor related functions. The additional processes include that of brain mapping activity, which requires large machinery working well in low-temperature operation conditions.

The future of Nanotechnology involves the coated electrodes which can perform neural interface being coupled with sensors. These can be used in conjunction with nanomaterials. One such example is that of carbon nanotubes, which acts as a supportive framework in the function of nerve cells, further enabling them to pass over the injury-prone area of the spinal cord. This further engraves an active bypass. With the advent of technology, nanotubes can act as neuronal prosthetics, promoting the process of neuroplasticity. Every such process can lead to the neurological activity of the damaged spinal cord.

Heart’s issue with the spinal cord!

As astonishing as it may sound too, the spinal cord injury does affect the heart. Current research points out that it is possible that both can be correlated.

How does this happen?

The heart goes on to change a lot just after a spinal cord injury and is dependent on how severe the injury is. Besides, after an injury has taken place, there is limited sparing of nerve fibers, this, in turn, is also minimal for the heart to function a profound level.

The research conducted does have a clinical significance to portray. The primary motive of the spinal cord injury management is to further reduce the damage which can happen during the initial days. The worsening of the injury is carried forward and can result in severe nerve damage fibers. The findings of the reports suggest that if there is a preserve of nerve fibers followed by an injury, there can be an improvement in the heart functions.This process is therefore much important in preventing any issues of heart with people who are diagnosed with spinal cord injuries.

International Conference on Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology in Health Care

The conference named Nanomedicinemeet 2023 focuses on the aspects of Nanotechnology in the medical department. The conference centers solely on various updated news in fields such as Nanotechnology and Engineering, Medical Nanotechnology, Tissue Engineering and so on.

It is an exclusive platform preoccupied with the various industry speakers and researchers, who interact with a broader audience. The topics covered are to showcase new researches of Nanotechnology, Material science, and various other topics.