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Theme: Scientific Research and Medical Revolutions of Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery
  • Event Date:

    18 May 2023
On behalf of our Scientex Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to the "International Congress on Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery", which will be held on May 18-19, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. It mainly focuses on the theme “Scientific Research and Medical Revolutions of Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery”.

"Cosmetology and Plastic surgery" are a forum for everybody (Cosmeticians, surgeons, medical professionals, researchers and students, industrial and pharmaceutical experts) to display research and innovative technologies within the disciplines of anaplastic, plastic surgery and Dermatology. A cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skincare and beauty products. The Cosmetology conference 2023 will feature interactive sessions and sub-sessions on advancements and new trends in plastics, beauty, and plastic surgery, keynotes by top scientists and industry professionals, panel discussions, poster contests, and forums for young researchers to utilize a better chance to have a stance and knack for the latest trends and innovations in cosmetology and plastic surgery field.

Target Audience:

• Cosmetology surgeons
• Dermatologist
• Medical professional
• Aesthetic and Ageing Medicine Physicians
• Trichologists
• Anesthesiologist
• Dermatology Associations and Societies
• Cosmetologist
• Cosmetology Training Institutes
• Skin Care Institutions
• Cosmetics Companies and Clinics
• Academicians and Young Researchers
• Allied Health Professionals
• Social Employees
• Community Care Coordinators
• Medical Administrators
• Researchers

For more details, contact: support@jsbconference.com

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